Our table d’hôte, inspired from local products of the terroir and our biological garden

A generous meal as the South West

We offer you a diner inspired from products of the season of Béarn, the Landes, Gers, and from the French Basque Country, accompanied with local wines (Béarn, Jurançon, Madiran,…) selected to agreeably surprise you. In summer every two days, or out of season on demand, we propose one of the following menus :

  • Menu Duo (main dish, home made dessert) : 21 €
  • Menu Trio (Duo with starter) : 25 €
  • Menu “Refuge” (salad and local products) : 17 €
  • Options : local cheeses tasting : 6,5 €, children : 15 €, wine (the glass of 12,5 cl) : 3,50 €

“Home-made” cooking cooked by Marina in a warm atmosphere

Passion is not enough to succeed to be a good cook, one has to associate patience and culinary techniques for the pleasure of the eyes and taste buds. Our cooking is simple but refined, respectful of the products of our region and marked with the techniques learnt during my trainings with the teachers of the school of Alain Ducasse, a renowned Chef who is from Béarn and Pierre Paumel, Cook Master of France. Sometimes, you will be surprised to discover sunny savours that remind of Marina’s Italian origins and a first life in Provence, but without altering the quality of our good products of the South West.

Finally, after a tasting session of cheese from our Valleys of Aspe, Ossau and Baretous, a desert we created especially for you, with the help of my coach in pastry cooking, Johan, will allow you to experience a moment of softness around fruit of the season, of some taste that will remind you of your childhood.

Our biological garden and our producers from Béarn and the French Basque Country

You will savour the products of our biological garden that our son Florian is daily growing with passion, and we will introduce you to our partner producers through their products :

  • meat of Bearnese race,
  • duck’s foie gras and poultry raised between the Béarn and the French Basque Country,
  • cheese from our Valleys of the Pyrenees,
  • local wine, …